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How to Start and Run a Militia according to Militia News


How to Start and Run a Militia according to Militia News

This is a great article I am sharing from Militia News- click the link above. I think some of the points made , if followed, would go a long way in helping some members of militia groups stop the petty infighting that is distracting us from our goals of protecting our families and friends while upholding the Constitution and preserving our rights. Some of the definitions given for usurpers fits some people I have seen disrupting the Militia movement to a tee. According to an online dictionary ‘a usurper is an illegitimate or controversial claimant to power, often but not always in a monarchy. This may include a person who succeeds in establishing himself as a monarch without inheriting the throne or any other person exercising authority unconstitutionally. It may also be applied to an official acting outside his authority or jurisdiction.’

It is imperative that we plan and prepare and if anyone is preventing you or your group from accomplishing those goals, remove the distraction or remove yourself from the group permitting the distraction and go about the business at hand. Our lives and most certainly our liberty may well depend on your diligence and focus on the mission. Carry on.