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Entry and Exit Wounds


I just returned from an excellent training this morning involving live fire drills with my militia company at an area outdoor range. Afterwards the group gathered in the parking lot to socialize a little before heading home. One of the members gave us a demo on a tourniquet bandage that had two sterile pads- one for an entry wound and one for the exit wound. One of the guys mentioned that exit wounds were typically larger than entry wounds as the picture above depicts.

*Picture Disclaimer*: I took this pic from a public post on facebook. I have no idea what grain the calibers used were, the distance shot,  whether they were full metal jacket or whatever. It is intended to be considered as a generality.

One of our members is a former US Marine. He has only been home a little over a year from Afganistan. He mentioned that the majority of deaths from gun shot are because the person is bleeding out not because of a vital organ hit. This absolutely proves that some of the most important items a militia member, or any soldier for that matter, should possess or have at hand is their individual first aid kit (IFAK).

You can buy IFAK’s at area gun shows or online fully stocked or build one yourself. Army surplus stores often have sterile bandages and other IFAK supplies available for purchase at very reasonable prices. If your just getting started in the militia this should be your second purchase next to your weapon, of course.

Some items in my IFAK are bandages, gauze, alcohol pads, scissors, a suture kit,  an ace bandage, butterfly strips and latex gloves. There are lots of ideas and suggested lists out there in internet land so my advice is to do some research, including talking to some members of your group before deciding how to stock your own IFAK or buying one already assembled.

Bang, bang.