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Water is Life

In a survival situation you basically need three things to …well, survive. Water, Shelter and Food. Water of course being the number one item on that list. You can live for weeks without food but only days without water. I just finished an in depth article about water in a survival situation- read it at the link below:


How I Became a Prepper

Emergency Essentials at

Emergency Essentials at

Before I joined the Militia, I was a prepper and coincidentally have found that most members of the Militia are also preppers. I have told the story before about how my husband and I started storing food and ammo because of increasing concern about the state of the economy as well as it just being the smart thing to do considering the possibility of storms or other natural disasters. Our sense of urgency has been amplified recently due to the increasing political issues, the probability of the dollar crashing and the possibility of martial law being declared. The rising cost of food and gas is also concerning. But all of that aside, there is still the consideration of preparing for a natural disaster as I focused on in my most recent article on Hub Pages. Check it out and let me know what you think.