Why I Joined the Militia

Photo Credit: T.S.M.

Photo Credit: T.S.M.

Lots of different people join the Militia for many different reasons. The people that make up Militia’s across the country are as varied as the citizens of this great country. They are good ole boys to soccer dads, college students to retired military, housewives to Harvard lawyers. That is what many people just don’t understand when they ask ‘who are the militia?’. The answer: I am the militia, you are the militia, we are all the militia. We are different in many ways, but the ways we are the same include a love of country, a caring attitude for people, not just family and a sense of responsibility that comes from pride and hard work.

Who am I? I am a married mother of four. I was raised in south Florida and have lived in Texas since 1993. I have my GED and have had some college. I work full time in accounting. I have two grandchildren and two dogs. When my kids were little I volunteered as a Girl Scout leader, a Pop Warner Cheer Coach and served as Den Mother for a Cub Scout Pack. I also taught Sunday School at my church for many years. I have voted Democrat, Republican and Independent. I am a conservative and a patriot.

I decided to join the Militia for several reasons. The first was a growing sense of alarm at the direction this country seems to be heading, that both my husband and I shared. I have seen our rights being stripped away as if they mean nothing and this concerns me to the point that I felt I needed to get involved and do something about it. I am an active pro 2nd amendment supporter. I encourage my friends and family to pay attention to politics and research candidates and to get out and vote. I write my Congressmen and Senators and voice my opinion by attending rally’s and signing petitions, but that isn’t enough.

That alone will not protect me or my family if the US dollar crashes and Marshall law is declared. So last year I purchased my first gun and learned to use it. I took a CHL class and am applying for my concealed carry permit. The Militia is training me in tactics and skills that may be needed in a defense situation. I am gaining confidence in my ability to protect myself and my family in any situation- may it be a home invasion or robbery, or an all out civil war.

The second reason is after watching peoples reactions and struggles due to them being unprepared after events like Katrina, and other natural disasters, my husband and I felt a desire and an urgency to get prepared and once we began that process, we realized we needed to have a support network of like minded people that were getting prepared as well to learn from and to be able to depend on if and when the time came. We found those people in the Militia.

The third reason was a profound sense of responsibility toward community service. It has been ingrained in me from early childhood to serve others and I have done it all my life. From scouting as a child, to being involved in many different volunteer projects for the Humane Society, Relay for Life, food drives, etc in high school, to teaching Sunday school, volunteering as a troop leader or coach, serving on various boards for youth sports, collecting Christmas donations for the children’s home, etc. I love my community, I love people and as a Christian and as an American, I have a responsibility to help where I can and when I can. The Militia is a perfect avenue to allow me to serve my community in so many different ways.

I joined the Militia because it was the right thing to do and because it is necessary, as our 2nd Amendment states, to the security of a free state.


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  1. Great post, thanks for sharing. I have recently found myself drawn to join my local (DFW) unit of the TSM.

    1. Thanks Robbie. I will be attending the joint training later this month in Flynn, perhaps we’ll have the opportunity to meet each other there.

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